There simply says to go and do compound exercise

Visual Impact Muscle Building – Secrets to Getting the Lean Hollywood Look!

Are you looking to get fitter, burn fat, and get a body like the movie stars in Hollywood? You know, the lean, fit looking types such as Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith? To grow muscles, but keep lean so that you can look great in clothes?

The trouble is, a lot of the popular advice out there simply says to go and do compound exercise, and that will get you the build that you desire. Whilst it is true that compound or multi joint exercise will build muscle and burn calories, there are variables that will massively affect how you look.

When building muscle, there are two types of growth. There is sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, where growth is caused by fluid in the muscle cell, the muscles don’t get significantly stronger, but do get bigger. There is myofibrillar hypertrophy, where growth in the muscle fiber occurs. This sort of growth adds strength to the muscle, but the increase in size is not as noticeable as sarcoplasmic growth. What this means is, to get strength, and some increase in muscle size, you need to be able to balance the amount of sarcoplasmic growth with the amount of myofibrillar growth, to get the optimal result, or strong, large lean muscles, angular without puffiness of without looking soft.

The key to finding the right mix of the two types of muscle growth surprisingly is not due to the resistance, it is the numbers of repetitions and sets that you do of the exercise. It is important that you know how to do the exercise correctly, how it should feel when you are doing it right, and building muscle, rather than just making yourself sore.

If you are looking for chiseled abs, and square angular pecs, it is important to build muscle density rather than mass, which again requires a different set of repetitions and sets to achieve that goal.

There is a Product, Visual Impact Muscle Building created by Rusty Moore that gives you the knowledge to achieve the lean Hollywood look – it includes a 72 page information guide on advanced techniques to gain a sharp physique. This guide gives you information on what to tweak to get the results that you desire, thereby creating you a customised set of techniques.

There is also a 227 page book full of photographs and explanations of exercises that you can do to achieve your desired goals. This isn’t part of a plan that you have to follow, it is entirely up to you what exercises you do, and what works for you, and is merely a reference guide if you are stuck for ideas or want to change up the pace to something different to challenge your muscles a little more.

There is also a set of printable workout charts that you can use to add your customized workouts to, to track your progress and to help you to achieve your goals without delay.

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